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The Married Woman Gets Stolen
Episode 2 • 10 months ago • H-Meter 2/4 Mild
Here, we adapt three more stories from the H-Manga. In the first, Kotori has married into a certain family, but it has been two years and has yet to conceive a child. Ootori from the main family has come to rectify this for the future of the family. In the second story, Miho has sex with her ex-boyfriend to get him to leave her home. He (shockingly) does with no consequences, except for the neighbor who (somehow) caught it all on tape. In the last, a newlywed couple has a visitor for drinks. The husband passes out and the visitor decides it would be terrible for such a beauty to go to bed alone...
Based on Yue ni Hitozuma wa Netorareta the H-Manga by Arakure

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